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13 June 2021 JD Langert has presented Phil Kraemer with a prestigious award for his selfless service to the church (See award below).

Under Phil Kraemer's leadership, the call committee and the congregation voted to make 

Pastor Jackson Onkka our new Minister (4 days per wk) to replace Pastor Sowers, who retired this past January 2021.

23 May 2021 Voters Assembly meeting unanimously Voted to call Pastor Jackson Onkka.

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Current Events

On this day  (6Jun21) a beautiful baby was Baptized by Pastor Stanton   


 Future Events and projects.

  • It has been a long-term goal (5-10 years) and the desire of Trinity Lutheran Churches congregation to enhance the church with stained glass windows. Our facilities manager, Fuller Brown, has several creative designs that he and Kathy Jordan (Director of Art Development) has put together for your consideration. Listed in order of design favorites, you will find some choices to vote for. Please send an email to [email protected] or a note to Karma, our office secretary, with your vote for your favorite design of the three examples listed. The church council will compile the votes to determine the congregation's choice as our Stained Glass fund grows. See our Donate page for more details.
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