Lutheran Ministries outreach is far and wide


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    • This is the website for the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS). It has an abundance of resources relevant to all LCMS churches including but not limited to:

      • Media to support individual churches in selecting worship material

      • Information for individuals to educate themselves further on select social issues with LCMS beliefs and values

      • Online worship resources for those wishing to worship at home

      • Opportunities to serve the church as volunteers or employees

      • And more!

  • Armed Forces Ministry
    • A PDF document about the Armed Forces Ministry and how they serve. Contains website links to further educational resources. Several of our members are or were members of the United States Military.
  • Disaster Response
    • Disaster Response is something our church values as we are located in an area plagued by hurricanes and related natural disasters on a regular basis. A PDF document about LCMS Disaster Response Ministry and a small excerpt about how the different disaster response teams serve their and other communities.