Claudette Koehler,

Event Coordinator

In planning events at Trinity Lutheran Church, the primary goal is that all events are inspired by a desire for the church to be an integral part of our neighborhood. In so doing, Trinity Lutheran Church can exemplify our commission to share the love, compassion, and hope of Jesus Christ, providing a spiritual home and refuge for all who seek the grace of God. Events should reflect the teachings and seasons of the church. They should also be activities that are of entertainment, educational, informational, or practical value to the members of the church and the community. Events may include concerts, community yard sales, art & crafts seminars, guest speakers, etc.

If you have a suggestion for an event, please submit it through this page for consideration by the church council.


Official Duties

Facilitates and helps coordinate events throughout the calendar year in concert with the Pastor and elected council members. During the initial council meeting in January, they propose a schedule to be approved by said body. With the help of the Event Coordinator, the Treasurer proposes a budget that is to be approved by the council for the support and cost of events for Trinity Lutheran Church (TLC).