Financial Secretary Mickey Hull

  Mickey is a 1969 Graduate of Bloomington High School in Bloomington, Illinois, and spent 33 years working for General   Telephone Company supporting their nationwide payroll system. After GTE merged and became part of Verizon she retired, and after a brief time at home she went back to work for the IAA Credit Union as a teller and retired as the Teller   Supervisor in 2013. Mickey has a son, Greg, who lives in St. Johns, Florida with his wife Jenni and their two daughters,   Carli and Ellie. Mickey also has a daughter, Emily, who lives in Bloomington, Illinois with her husband Michael. Mickey enjoys traveling, visiting family, spending time at the beach, and keeping up with friends, classmates, former coworkers, and family both on the phone and on Facebook. After a 1-year stay in Seneca, South Carolina, Mickey, and her husband   Bill moved to Pace, FL where they’ve lived since 2014.


              Official Duties. 

The Financial Secretary shall receive all funds and sums of money for the congregation and make bank deposits as required. Keep or ensure an accurate record of such receipts and turn all receipt amounts of money over to the Treasurer. Shall also keep a record of individual contributions and be responsible for the issuance of regular statements to the individual, as the voting body may determine.


The Financial Secretary is required to give a signed year-end report to each contributor of their contributions for the year. The report shall be a paper copy hand-delivered or mailed by January 31st of the year following the one in which the offerings were received. When a new Financial Secretary is elected, the outgoing Officer will still be responsible for the report for the year in which they kept the records.