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Official Duties

The duties of the Board of Elders shall be: to serve as assistants to the Pastor in all areas of the Church's work, to watch over the doctrine and practice of the congregation and Pastor so that they remain truly Christian and truly Lutheran; to see that the services in God's house are conducted regularly and orderly, to inform themselves as to the adequacy of the number of services held for the congregation, to supervise the work of all who serve the congregation with their musical talents (such as organists, choirs, and others), to oversee the work of the Ushers' Staff, to study all applications for Membership (namely, those who wish to be received by transfer, profession of faith, adult confirmation or adult Baptism), and to recommend to the Church Council and subsequently to the Voters' Assembly reception of such applicants into the congregation, to encourage parents to send their children to the children's confirmation classes, to recommend releases of communicants to sister congregations; to assist the Pastor with visiting the sick, the erring and the delinquents; to counsel with the Pastor in cases of church discipline, to foster in the congregation a greater love and loyalty toward the work of Synod and District; to provide for the physical necessities of fellow members who are in want or in need, to encourage fellow members, young and old to lead truly Christian lives in word and deed, to help all officers and Board members to be regular in worship services and Sunday School, and to assist in the audit of the church finances.