Duane Zygiel, Acting Treasurer

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Official Duties

The Treasurer shall be the custodian of congregational funds and shall disburse such funds as authorized, and keep accurate records of such disbursements. They will also prepare a monthly financial statement, an annual report, and be responsible for the issuance of such statements to all officers and the pastor of the congregation.


The Treasurer shall present an annual budget as prepared by the Budget Committee each October for Council approval and Voter’s Assembly approval thereafter. Approval of the church budget by the Voter’s Assembly will presume the authorization of items not to exceed $2500.00 if they fall within the Council Officers fiduciary.


Pursuant to budgetary limits, the Treasurer is authorized to accept invoices for items not to exceed $2500.00 without Voter’s Assembly approval [Ref: Article V, C]. The Treasurer shall be subject to an annual audit by an Audit Committee comprised of at least one Elder and two members. The Audit Committee will meet in February to review the previous fiscal year. The Committee will report its findings to the Council in March for Council approval.