William Hull (Bill), Treasurer

           Bill graduated from Northwest Missouri State University in 1974 with a BS degree and from Illinois State University in 1980 with an MBA.  He spent the first 10 years of his career working for General Telephone Company of Illinois as a supervisor and programmer and the last 28 years for   Country Financial as a programmer, trainer, client/server support specialist, and finally as a domain support specialist before he retired in 2013.  He has a daughter, Tracy, who lives with her husband Eric and their two sons Jack and Wyatt in Normal, Illinois.  Bill enjoys traveling, visiting family,   spending time on the beach, playing golf, reading adventure novels, and maintaining his knowledge and skills regarding personal computers.  After a 1-year stay in Seneca, South Carolina, Bill and his wife Mickey moved to Pace, FL where they’ve lived since 2014.


Official Duties

  The Treasurer shall be the custodian of congregational funds and shall disburse such funds as authorized and keep accurate records of such disbursements. Treasure shall also prepare a monthly financial statement and an annual statement and be responsible for the issuance of such notices to all officers and the congregation's Pastor. The Treasurer is authorized to sign checks, with vendors and organizations deemed essential for the Church's welfare per Council and Voter's Assembly vote approval.


The Treasurer shall present an annual budget as prepared by the Budget Committee each October for Council approval and Voter's Assembly approval after that. Acceptance of the Church budget by the Voter's Assembly will presume the authorization of items not to exceed$2500.00 if they fall within the Council Officers' fiduciary. Pursuant to budgetary limits, the Treasurer is authorized to accept invoices for items not to exceed $2500.00 without the Voter's Assembly approval.[Ref: Article V, C] The Treasurer shall be subject to an annual audit by an Audit Committee comprised of at least one Elder and two members if possible. The Audit Committee will meet in February to audit the previous fiscal year. The committee will report its findings to the Council in March for Council approval.


Trinity Lutheran Church Guidelines for Funds as of August 2, 2020

1. Funds, as defined in this document, are monies, within the church’s primary savings account, that are either allocated for a specific purpose or that belong to a recognized church organization such as the LWML.

2. Money placed in a fund belonging to a recognized church organization will remain under the control of that particular organization and that organizations' leadership will work with the church Treasurer in regard to how these funds will be reallocated for church purposes.

3. Money placed in funds not belonging to a recognized church organization will be under the control of the church council with input from the voting members of the congregation when appropriate as defined in the Trinity Lutheran Church (TLC) constitution. Funds of this nature will NOT be controlled by any person, family, or group outside or within the congregation

4. Once the money is placed within an allocated fund that money cannot be used for any purpose other than the intended purpose for which the fund was created and money cannot be reallocated or unallocated unless the intended need no longer exists and the church council authorizes the elimination of the fund.

The following donations (if desired) to an active fund for memorials or for a good cause are supported by the TLC Council and Pastor Sowers.

Introduction: The church’s general savings account consists of money assigned to specific, special funds and money that is unassigned. Any money not assigned to a special fund will be considered part of the general funds of the congregation. Money from the church’s general fund can be moved from the checking account to the savings account and from the savings account back to the checking account at the discretion of the Church Council to meet the ongoing needs of the church. From a financial perspective, it’s important to keep the General Fund’s Checking Account balance at a minimal, acceptable level and to maximize the church’s earnings by having the bulk of our unallocated funds in savings where they can draw interest. It is for this reason that unallocated General Funds should be able to flow from and to either account with only Council approval based on our current level of contributions and spending. Listed below is a list of special funds that have been established by the church council to fulfill a specific need. The description of each fund tells what the money is allocated for, when or how the money can be used, and also lists the fund's current balance and the fund’s financial goal or objective.

BENEVOLENCE FUND This fund is to be used for charitable gifts to individuals or organizations with the intent of that gift is to do good to others or as an act of kindness based on need. Funding Goal = $1,500.00

BUILDING FUND Money held within the Building Fund consists of donations made to this fund and any additional money the Church Council may decide to allocate to this fund from the general savings account. Money within this fund will be used for unbudgeted enhancements, repairs, and/or maintenance of the church building and cannot be used to fund any capital or deductible expense covered by a different fund such as the HVAC or the Disaster Recovery Fund. Funding Goal = $2000.00

LWML FUND This fund consists of money belonging to the LWML and is under their direct control and any reallocation of these funds for church-related expenditures shall be at the discretion of that organization’s leadership. Funding Goal - Undefined

HVAC FUND This fund is for capital expenditures for the replacement of the church’s heating and air conditioning equipment and shall not be used for general maintenance or repair of that equipment. Funding Goal = $12,000.00

DISASTER RECOVERY FUND This fund shall be used to pay the church’s 2% insurance deductible when repairs are needed to the church’s structure as a result of wind damage of any kind. Note that this is not general maintenance or a repair fund where such repairs or maintenance does not involve a wind-related insurance deductible. Funding Goal = $20,000

PAVILION FUND This fund shall be used specifically to improve the pavilion at the backside of the church structure. Funding Goal = 943.31

CARILLON BELL FUND This fund shall be used specifically to repair or replace the Electronic Carillon (bell chimes) of the church. Funding Goal = $4,250

STAINED GLASS FUND This fund shall be used specifically for the purchase and installation of stained glasses windows in the altar area of the church. Funding Goal = $30,000.00